Monday, 8 October 2012

Yummy din dins

The first time I went to Bukhara was in 2004. I remember tasting the food and being absolutely blown away! A real taste sensation & ambience to match. It soon became a regular restaurant for us to visit for many years.

Fast forward 8 years - we went for dinner on Friday. The decor has not changed, there's been no "upgrades" and the ambience is quite that of a regular commercial restaurant. There are no tablecloths - call me "old fashioned" but a clean, crisp tablecloth in a restaurant can make a world of difference to the decor.

The food however, did not disappoint :-)
It was very well seasoned & delicious. Mmmmm...yummmm

Starter: Tandoori chicken wings (you can see they are not big on garnish)

Main: Butter chicken & butter naan

Main: Dh's tandoori lamb chops & salad

Till next time.

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