Friday, 6 October 2017

Gained 2kg's + 1 more for luck - Cape Town Gastronomica

We were in Cape Town last week and it felt like I was on a food tour. I ate and ate and then ate some more...well I tried! My tummy has really shrunk in the last 5 weeks so I did not finish most of what I ordered. Wine however...never heard of wasted or left over wine 😉

It's going to take me too long to review each restaurant or coffee shop I visited in detail, so I'm going to summarize it all in this one post.

Places I loved and would go back to any day:

Sundoos Seapoint - this is apparently Indian Fusion - maybe to Capetonians, but this was actually proper Durban flavours & heat, served in smaller portions...maybe that's what makes it fusion? Anyway - Go there!
I recommend: Puri Patha, Prawns & Roti, Lamb Chops.

The Pot Luck Club - Amuckingfazing! Every single dish was faultless & delicious. Surprising that they had a reasonably priced wine list. Impeccable service.
I recommend: EVERYTHING! We had 8 dishes.

Mzoli's - I'm not going to lie - the spice and sauce on the lamb chops was really tasty. First time ever that I enjoyed eating pap. Do not go here and expect fine dining.
I recommend: Lamb Chops.

SeaBreeze Fish & Shell - Freshest oysters I've ever eaten - and I've eaten a lot in Knysna!
I recommend: Oysters served with the MCC,Thyme & red wine sauce & the Prawn Starter.

Shimmy Beach Club - I thought this place was all hype, but the seafood was fresh and fantastic quality. The portions were huge and unexpected and flavours perfect. Service was top notch, but the first 2 bottles of wine we ordered was out of stock and then couldn't get a specific cocktail because they ran out of ingredients - not good for a Friday night.
I recommend: Sushi, Seafood Platter for 2 (do not order starters if you want to eat this, it's more like a platter for 4, it filled the whole table), Chocolate Fondant.

Neighbourgoods Market - The Tacos from the Mexican food stall is so moreish! Beware though that it is messy. And the Belgian Waffle - One day I will have it for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner! The most perfect waffle I've ever eaten and I love that they use proper chocolate or ganache instead of cheap chocolate syrup.

Truth Coffee Roasting - Such a cool place and awesome decor. So many coffees to choose from and so naturally sweet that you don't even need sugar. Tasty breakfast options too.

Jason Bakery - Different yummy baked treats everyday. Follow them on Instagram and make your mouth water everyday.

The Raj Camps Bay - met friends here and had good service and never had a bad meal at any of the branches ever.

Places that were ok, just ok:

LightHouse Cafe Simon's Town - Food was ok but nothing to get too excited about. I was served prawns that were neither cut nor de-veined. Sent it back to be sorted and never even got an apology from the Manager/Owner. 

My Sugar Sea Point - Way too much hype. Milkshakes look great but I've had better. Doughnuts could be cooked a little more inside. Do not even get me started on the guy who touches money and then lovingly massages the chocolates with the same unwashed hands!

Knead Sea Point - lovely breakfast spot to sit at the window and people watch. 

Babylonstoren - I would go back for the gardens and views. Wines are okish, but the tour is worth doing. 

Places that you would have to drag me to kicking & screaming:

Panama Jacks - Stale and way overpriced seafood and wine. Well, what is available anyway because a lot was unavailable. No apologies either and sub standard service.

Belthazar - Not my choice to go here. The steak was of great quality and cooked to perfection but I will never go here ever again because of the attitude of staff. The hostess seated one couple inside and us outside. We all waited for 30 mins before speaking and we find out lo and behold the other couple is inside the restaurant! No apologies from anyone. If we didn't have company, I would have just left. Ridiculously overpriced wine list - you would think they are importing it from France. If you have R3k to spend, rather spend it somewhere else!

Cosi Corner - Tried the masala steak gatsby but won't be back. Roll was stale, but thankfully I was not into the roll. Maybe the taste just didn't appeal to us. There were plenty of locals there.

Toni's on Kloof - I think Jozi is like little Portugal because we have fantastic Portuguese restaurants here. Was craving some tasty food so we heard this is the place. Most items on the menu were out of stock. Thank heavens there was chicken. But will not be rushing back for the peri peri chicken. It was just ok and I can definitely give it a skip.

Mantra - Great view but too much hype. We had dessert and coffee's here after dinner one night and honestly it was just wasted calories. The orange & almond cake was burnt on the outside and dry and chocolate mousse was dense and didn't taste too great. Nutella hot chocolate was nice. We were ignored by the waitress for 30 mins so had to get up and go find out where to pay. The place only had like 10 tables there that night so not busy.

And there you have it, sorry it ended up being such a long post. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of a lot before tucking in. Can't wait to go to Cape Town again to try more eateries. I have so many on my list still 😋

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