Thursday, 21 September 2017

Is it just that time of the year?

Is it just that time of the year when everyone is feeling a little bit flat? Or is it just me? Is my body going into ketosis?

It's the final stretch of the year, the last school term, less than 3 months before the December holidays are upon us and I am feeling completely deflated right now. Like every.single.thing is a real effort! 

Mika does not want to do her 10 minutes of homework a day and I completely get that because, quite frankly, neither do I! I do not have the energy to sit there, moaning at her because she is dragging out 5 minutes of reading to 20 minutes. She's tired by the time I get home from work and I'm also the homework has been suffering a bit...and we are only 3 weeks into this last term 😫.

The last two weeks have been especially difficult for me because I am going through something very emotional at work. It is beyond my control and I honestly think that this is what has weighed me down so much and now I feel like I have no more fight left in me. I puffy heart my job and what we do here. I like working here because we are making a difference in South Africa...yes it takes time to see the changes...however small, there is still change.

I think the kids have also been acting up because they are feeding off my emotional energy. Mason has been throwing some fantastic tantrums and it's all aimed directly at me. This leaves both of us completely and utterly spent, but I get him too. My little man wants his way and he is tired of not getting it I suppose.

So what am I going to do to pull myself together to make it through the next 3 months? 

I am going to continue to eat clean and try to increase my exercise. Thankfully I am not really an emotional eater so the eating plan has basically stayed on track.
I am going to keep taking my vitamins and try to remember my magnesium at night and I have to try and sleep better.
Work - let it go, let it gooo....admit it - you sang that!

I am being whisked away for a little break next week, sans kids. I cannot wait to see and smell the ocean... I have always loved the sea and something about it just calms me and pushes my reset button.

So I hope to come back well rested and rejuvenated, with more patience to offer my little minions.

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  1. Sorry you're going through this funk. I'm sure it's more end of year madness than anything else. Good luck with the exercising and eating. And enjoy your little break! That is always good for the soul :D