Monday, 21 August 2017

On an eating plan for 330 odd days, only to gain it all & then some during the holidays!

I have been mentally preparing myself for this change in lifestyle eating plan since last month, but...I forgot to prepare my fridge 🤦
So this morning I knew I would be having an egg & tomato on a seed cracker, but I opened the fridge and there was no eggs. But I will persevere and failure is not an option!

My metabolism died when I was 25 and I've steadily gained weight since then. So today, right this very minute, I am 20kg's heavier than the day I finished high school, but let's face it, I looked really anorexic back then and I wouldn't want to weigh that now. My metabolism awoke during both my pregnancies and at 4 months with the first, I lost weight and was at my goal weight...but yeah, that was short lived 😏
According to a certain medical scheme, I should be 13kg's lighter, but I think that would be a unhealthy look for me, so I am aiming for 8kg's lighter and loads of cm's smaller. 

So since then I have been on one eating plan or another trying to lose some weight and get myself into better shape. I live to eat, so this has been a difficult journey for me. Food gives me pleasure and what is life if you have to be miserable right?

My portion sizes are actually quite small and has always been so my whole life. I barely eat refined carbs, breads, pastas and processed foods, I love wine but I don't drink during the week unless I am out for dinner and then on the weekends it's 1 glass, max 2 of wine. So why do I gain weight so easily then? It's a combination for my love of all cheese, my sweet tooth mixed with genetics and inactivity.

I lead a very sedentary life. I drive everywhere and sit at my desk at work for 8 hours a day. I don't exercise anymore (It's really difficult to find time to exercise when you have a full time job and 2 small kids - heck, it's even tough to get to the shops, hence the unprepared fridge!).

About 4 years ago I decided that good health should be my ultimate goal and if I was only living to eat then I knew I wouldn't be living for too much longer...depressing thought so let's move on...

I then discovered the Paleo lifestyle and it really works for me. For the last 3 years I have been on Paleo 80/20. The 20% being dairy, cakes, chocolate and wine. I have managed to keep my weight pretty steady but I do occasionally fall badly off the wagon (like when I go on holiday) and then it's more like 50/50. But we are all human. Honestly though, I feel lighter and so much more energetic when I am eating clean.

So why am I writing about this??? I am writing this because right now I am feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes and I don't like feeling this way.  I am writing it down because I want to be accountable. I don't want to think oh, I will start tomorrow. The time is now!

I'm not a scale watcher, but this time I want the 8kg's gone, but I won't obsess about it as long as the cm's are falling. I will watch the change in my clothes. I will be posting updates and some pics of my meals, but I won't do this everyday as the admin is just to much for me. I am also going to try and exercise a little bit whenever I can get a chance.

This year I am really going to try to eat better during the December holidays as well and not gain back everything & then some that I worked so hard to lose. 

Isn't is amazing how good everything smells the minute you decide you will eat clean? This morning while buttering my son's toast, the toasty and buttery smell just got to me and I wanted to shovel that slice into my face so badly, but I actually can't remember when was the last time I even had a slice of toast. Oh, the mind is so powerful and she sure does love playing games...

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