Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Am I thin yet???

It's been just over a week of mostly clean eating, drinking 2 litres of water everyday plus quite a bit of green tea.

So the big question arises...Am I thin yet? 

Well I definitely feel like I should be healthy & thin already, but I most definitely am fact, I think my clothes feel tighter this week 😭

How is this possible? The last 3 days I have really struggled with water intake, so maybe it's that? I don't know, and it's really easy to get demotivated so early in the game....but I shall persevere.

I have also been struggling with the intake of's just too much when I am on Paleo 100%. Tuesday saw me having lamb mince with salad for breakfast, chicken & veg for lunch and salmon & veg for dinner. It was all feeling way too much too early in the week. 

So I thought that cm loss dependent, I will introduce legumes & lentils into my eating plan to help get the protein in without having meat. I had some legumes on Monday and I feel my body has been puffy maybe this source of protein will have to wait until later.

So below are some of the meals I ate over the past week. I must admit that I am really terrible at remembering to take pics before I stuff my face. I have been really rushed off my feet this last week so I kept everything simple...

Cold pressed juice & almonds
(easy to get down for breakfast & filling)
Veg juice

Fried egg (forgot to snap a pic of the added avo)

Homemade Mixed berry smoothie

Salmon & veg
Chicken & veg

Steak & salad
Chiken & veg


  1. I'm sure you're doing great! Your body just needs some time to adjust to the healthier eating. This is going to be such a struggle for me when this baby is born. But I can't wait to start working out again. Good luck Sam!

  2. You are doing great - keep it up & thanks for the dinner ideas