Monday, 4 September 2017

My little man of very few words and a short fuse!

My little boy, Mason, is 22 months old and still speaks in incoherent babbles.
He understands everything perfectly, but will communicate with us by taking us to whatever he wants and pointing rather than articulate his words. 

Now although he understands us, he is quite unreasonable at the best of times...which is why he has a complete meltdown during the worst of times 🙈

Seems like we've been gifted with two stunning, loveable BUT very strong willed kids.

Now Mika could also throw her fair share of tantrums before she learned to speak. But she could speak words clearly from around 11 months and by 15 months she was speaking in full sentences and the tantrums were few and far between. We could also reason with her from an early age and as most of my friends already know, she always had witty & smart comebacks, so her need for meltdowns were rare. Now is is 6 going on 16 and the sulking has already started...sigh!

About two months ago I took the kids out for pizza after we fetched Mika from school. He was very tired by the time we'd finished eating (by we, I mean Mika, because I was running around after him and couldn't eat!). He then refused to leave the play area so I had to carry him away kicking and screaming. He got loose then ran and laid down in the middle of the parking lot and weighed himself down. SHOCK HORROR! My first child never did something like this! I eventually got him into his car seat & walked around to get Mika into hers. By that time he had freed his arms from the straps. I walked back to his side and then he looked me in the eye and pressed the central locking and locked me out. Thank heavens Mika was already inside the car that day and she could unstrap from her car seat and open the doors. Note to self to always keep the key on me when I'm alone with him...

Now this past Saturday, Mason really needed to get out the house for a little bit, but it was so windy and he has a bit of the sniffles. Mika needed new flip flops, so off to Sandton City we went...beeeg mistake!

When we needed to be inside a store, he wanted to play hide & seek outside. When we were ready to leave a store, he would go inside, find a seat and refuse to leave 😭. Please note here that we only went to 2 stores. We did not drag him around shopping the whole mall...and he refused to sit inside a trolley.

So the epic meltdown occurred when I removed him from a very comfortable couch...he just screamed the mall down and the tears gushed like a river. I managed to calm in down 3 minutes later by showing him some digital bubbles at the entrance of another store...another big mistake...for then he refused to leave that store...belted out some more crying & screaming and promptly threw himself on the floor and weighed himself down, refusing to be picked up.

He gets spitting mad when he doesn't get his way and refuses to be reasoned with. Nothing calms him down until he is ready to be calm. Going down to his level, me staying calm and speaking in an even tone, leaving him and walking away...yeah all the parenting tips for dealing with tantrums - all bollocks here!

Maybe he will be able to express himself better when he speaks more...well I pray so.

The amazing this is that even though he is a little man of very few words, when he plays with his cars he makes car sounds that even change up and down in gears, if you know what I mean 😂😂😂

I'm not posting a pic of him having a never know if he will grow up with his short fuse and then decide to sue me for embarrassing him...

Like I said in a previous post, the days are long but the years are oh so short! 

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